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Saasforce is a leading high tech Salesforce consultancy firm, that offers services such as project scope and design, custom app development, system integration, data migration, support and release management.

Services We Offer

1000+ Projects Completed

We have successfully completed over 1000+projects and built custom apps on the Salesforce platform.

Excellent rating on Salesforce

Our gamification mechanics are deep and sustainable that’s why we have managed to get highest ratings on Salesforce.

400+ Client Organisations

Our consultancy services have benefited over 400+ organisation which makes a strong client base for Saasforce.

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We are Salesforce specialists and cater for small and big businesses.

Saasforce is a London-based leader in delivering cloud-based solutions. We help businesses optimize and incorporate Salesforce directly using modern methodologies and applications. Our team of experienced and qualified salesforce experts can help you to transform under-performing solutions into valuable assets which improve your business processes, offers bottom-line results, actionable data and engages your sales team. Our experts provide consultancy on developing salesforce and help you manage your business. Our consulting model and full-time operating in London allow us to support our clients locally and foster long-term partnerships.

Services We Offer

Whether you are looking to build gamification into new products, improve engagement in a process and take your current Salesforce implementation to the next level, we can help you with our Salesforce consultation services.


Saasforce is offering in-house gamification apps that are integrated with Salesforce.

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Salesforce Support

We at Saasforce are committed to providing you the best Salesforce technical support services.

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Salesforce Custom Application Development

The influence of the Salesforce platform lies in its capability to extend the core platform with custom application development.

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Salesforce Data Migration

Salesforce data migration is all about moving your data to and from Salesforce where required.

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Salesforce Integration

With Saasforce integration services create a more engaged customer and employee experience.

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Customer experience is now becoming a new arena for businesses to engage more with their customers and track trends.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Getting started with the Salesforce Sales Cloud the right way is critical for successful implementation and project delivery.

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Whether you gamify your communications which badges, rankings, points, contests or interactive communities, it inspires and encourage your sales team. Game techniques build a connection with your audience which is based on visceral needs. Clear rules of engagement, short-term achievable goals, enhanced feedback cycles and recognition of endeavors in gamification help drive employee engagement and motivation. Engaging sales team to motivate them and improve their job performance is the key goal of gamification. Saasforce believe in the power of gamification to make work more fun for your workers, business partners, and customers making your company more successful. Our team is composed of experienced enterprise gamification designers. Our technology network, platform partners, and developers allows us to create and implement an inclusive gamification strategy and vision with you.


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